Tilda Swinton on the State of Cinema, 2006

Recording this week’s Oscar Podcast, we touched briefly on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes. We speculated about the jury that year, 2004. Craig Kennedy found the the jurors on a list online and named them: Quentin Tarantino,...
Posted On 16 Apr 2014

History of Cinema, Speed View, 1878 – 2013

Fast forward through 135 years of film history in 3 minutes.
Posted On 11 Apr 2014

Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas describe dire developments at the unveiling of USC’s School Of Cinematic Arts (SCA) Complex (photo via Zimbio) No need for me to editorialize. Whether I agree or disagree, these ominous remarks deserve more than an offhand reaction. I will...
Posted On 12 Jun 2013

Paul Schrader and Steven Soderbergh – The State of Cinema

Is there anything worthwhile left to say in movies? More and more it feels like the end of something beloved and the beginning of something else. So much has changed so quickly. Doors have closed and new ones opened. Some will embrace the change – adapt or die. Some will...
Posted On 29 Apr 2013

Cinema of the Uncomfortable: Dream Homes, Secret Rooms and the American Nightmare

As we fumble towards some kind of symbolic permanence in our lives we sometimes land where we shouldn’t, in places that have long since belonged to someone else. We call those places ours but they aren’t really; they are rooted sometimes in darkness, inhabited by ghosts, or...
Posted On 29 Mar 2013