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SAG Nominations – No Guts, No Glory

For our 12th Annual No Guts, No Glory you can name three potential upsets — like serious upsets — that might happen tomorrow morning. They have to be near impossibilities. But still within the realm of reality. Pick up to 3. My three are: 1. Harry Potter for ensemble 2. ...

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SAG Award Nominations Preview

There seem to be three things that drive the actors to choose performances for the SAG awards, which will announce tomorrow bright and early, 6am Pacific – Performance, popularity, notoriety/reputation. The big question for tomorrow will be whether voters will choose some of the wild cars that haven’t been showing ...

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SAG Chooses Nominating Peeps Tomorrow, April 1

The SAG schedule is already being released and my enthusiasm has yet to become fully engorged. It was left a half mile back along with my faith, hope and charity. The SAGs have a gigantic membership so they try to look moderately intelligent by only having a tiny bit of ...

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Screen Actors Guild Preview, Predictions

Tomorrow is the second of three early morning announcements when we find out, bright and early, the actors chosen by the Screen Actors Guild nominating committee.  Actors make up the largest voting block at the AMPAS, and since the SAG reduced their nominating committee to a more manageable size, it ...

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