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Gurus of Gold post New York Film Fest


David Poland, over at Movie City News, has divided up the predictions into “seen” and “unseen.” I know, shocker. What, predicting movies people have actually seen?  Gravity lands on top for the second time since the Gurus began.   It appears, at this stage of the Oscar race, to be ...

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Gurus of Gold November Update, Argo Leads

The Gurus of Gold over at Movie City News has put out their first full list of the top categories (minus screenplay) for November. The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg is at last a part of the group. As you can see, top predictors Dave Karger, Steve Pond and David Poland ...

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Gurus of Gold Launches for 2012/2013

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since the last time we played this game. Last year it was all too predictable and agonizingly so. But maybe things might change up a little this year with wild cards in the mix like Beasts of the Southern Wild ...

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Gurus of Gold — So That Happened

With so much going on here at Awards Daily and it being the time of year when we can barely stay above water, I forgot to put in my Gurus of Gold predictions. Between sending them over there and updating the ones on Gold Derby, it is becoming a bit ...

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The Gurus of Gold Pre-Toronto Check

It’s that time of year again for spitballing the Best Picture nominees.  You won’t be surprised by the titles floating around in this year’s chart – in fact, any one of you readers could probably come up with a similar scenario.   It’s not the most fun thing in the ...

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