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Gurus Again

kings speech 22

David Poland is running the Gurus chart weekly now and in the latest installment, they still have The King’s Speech in number one, but the curious thing about that is Best Director is all over the map. Only two of them have Tom Hooper down for winning, while many have ...

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Gurus Ring in for November


The Gurus of Gold are predicting The King’s Speech to win the Oscar for Best Picture. They are also predicting Colin Firth for Best Actor and Annette Bening for Best Actress. The King’s Speech could then be in line, if they are right, to win Picture, Director, Actor, maybe Screenplay, ...

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Gurus Disclaimer

I’ve just been schooled on what the Gurus of Gold is supposed to be. Apparently, it’s not a chart that predicts winners, but a chart that predicts “most likely to be nominated.” That is certainly not how I’ve seen it all of these many years, but it certainly would be ...

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Gurus of Gold Goes Up

David Poland asked the Gurus to submit their picks before this whole trashy story about The Hurt Locker emerged — and thus, I expect several may change their Best Pic predictions before all is said and done. Gurus are invited to change whatever they want. Two of them, Poland of ...

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The Gurus Give Opinions

Usually they are just a group of scores on a chart, but this week the Gurus of Gold did something a little different – they had an essay portion. I did not get mine in in time so mine is blank – but I will offer it up here at ...

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Reading the Tea Leaves

TCM’s Robert Osborne gets into the prediction game with the latest assemblage by Tom O’Neil over at The Envelope. You can click over to see the full list, but this is, more or less, how it shook down: Also participating in the our pundit panel are Thelma Adams (Us Weekly), ...

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Gurus Launched

The first Gurus of Gold went up today, the pre-Toronto version, where a few folks take a stab at the fifteen most-likely. I found this especially difficult as I am not, nor have I ever been comfortable with, sight unseen predictions. Nonetheless, they, like Ryan’s reader polls, are interesting to ...

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Oscar Party Plans?

Who has special plans for the Big Night? Me, it’s never fun.¬† It’s only fun if most of my predictions turn out to be right – other than that, it’s usually a tense, taut misery. It’s that time of year again. Okay, so maybe no one gathers at the watering ...

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Predictions on MCN

Check out the Gurus of Gold on Movie City News with current predictions of the top two in every category. A general consensus has emerged with a few disagreements as to who might take the second slot in each category. Mickey Rourke vs. Sean Penn is not really an argument ...

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The Race is On

The Gurus of Gold have posted a recent survey of people who make guesses about how the Oscars are going to turn out. Two films appear to be most highly thought of to win, Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire, while there is some debate about what’s next in line. The ...

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