Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

First look provided by Patrick Heidmann (who sourced it here). Moore plays Palin in the upcoming Game Change.
Posted On 27 Apr 2011

HBO's Too Big to Fail coming in May

(Thanks Jon Pace for the insider tip) Coming in May from HBO, Too Big To Fail recounts the catastrophic fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the global aftermath. An all-star cast including William Hurt, James Wood, Topher Grace, Cynthia Nixon, Tony Shalhoub, Billy Crudup, Ed...
Posted On 28 Mar 2011

Chloe Sevigny to Play Lizzie Borden

Growing up, there was only one Lizzie Borden — Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery who showed she could be troubling and crazy in addition to perky and full of mischief. But Sevigny is the perfect person to play the character — although I wonder what version of Lizzie...
Posted On 15 Mar 2011

The Making of Mildred Pierce

Brilliant Todd Haynes – can’t wait for this.
Posted On 04 Mar 2011

Cormac McCarthy's Sunset Limited tonight on HBO

Strong reveiws for tonight’s HBO premiere of Cormac McCarthy’s Sunset Limited starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Tommy Lee himself. Subject matter doesn’t get more profound than life and death, but, thanks to McCarthy’s writing...
Posted On 12 Feb 2011

Mildred Pierce, 2nd trailer

With Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice, James M. Cain wrote two classic hard-boiled novels that Hollywood turned into two of the best films noir ever made. After Paramount and MGM snatched up the rights to those two, it left Warners scrambling for whatever Cain...
Posted On 09 Feb 2011

Martin Scorsese’s Public Speaking on HBO Nov. 22

PUBLIC SPEAKING, directed by Scorsese and produced by Graydon Carter, about legendary New York writer Fran Lebowitz will preeem on Monday. Directed in the style of Scorsese’s early documentaries “Italian American” and “American Boy,” PUBLIC SPEAKING showc...
Posted On 17 Nov 2010

HBO’s Mildred Pierce, teaser

Fabulous, elaborate, epic. The background music, a variation on Atonement’s opening sequence theme, is an excellent choice, nice fit. Original 1945 trailer for Joan Crawford’s Mildred Pierce after the cut. (thanks Amanda)
Posted On 12 Sep 2010

Vintage poster art for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Get some Directv packages to get all the channels you want. jennybee finds these swell hoofers and hoods engaging in enticing vices on HBO’s flapper-era series Boardwalk Empire, premiering Sept 19. See this spiffy pair bigger along with another one after the cut.
Posted On 10 Sep 2010