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Just Yul Brynner, 22 and nude

yul feature 4

Out of respect for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, I went goggling aeround to learn more about Yul Brynner who played Ramses in Cecil B DeMille’s epic 6 decades ago. Found out more than I bargained for. NSFW gallery after the jump.

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Farley Granger, Hitchcock & the gay subtext of Rope

Farley Granger talks about working with Alfred Hitchcock at A Different Light bookstore in West Hollywood, c. 2007. A 30-minute documentary, Rope Unleashed, after the cut, includes interviews with Farley Granger and playwright Arthur Larents, partners at the time Rope was filmed — a fact that reportedly tickled Hitchcock’s playfully ...

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Brando, 1952

(click to enlarge) Marlon Brando, age 28. Brian Williams featured these photos tonight on NBC Nightly News. You can find a dozen more on the LIFE site, here and here. By 1952, Marlon Brando was well on his way in Hollywood, with three incredible roles under his belt: his big-screen ...

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