An honor to be nominated? Peter O'Toole says, No.

Yes, the trailer is awful but, trust me, The Stunt Man — released on Blu-ray tomorrow — is worth a look. See it mainly to relish one of Peter O’Toole’s finest and funniest performances. Dave Itzkoff at the NYTimes talks to O’Toole about the movie got...
Posted On 06 Jun 2011

Learning Oscar history off the Tee-Vee news

True or False: “Peter Guber has earned 50 Oscar nominations” (Answer: Number of Oscar nominations earned by Peter Guber)
Posted On 23 Apr 2011

83rd annual Oscars to revisit 1970 template?

(Which of these filmmakers actually won the Oscar they’re posing with?) As already reported tonight, the Academy is discarding the lovely heartfelt tributes to each of the lead acting nominees in an effort to eliminate any genuine flavor from the broadcast, boiling it down...
Posted On 18 Feb 2011

EW Names Ten Best Pictures that Should Have Lost

Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Scharzbaum have assembled ten examples of¬†Oscar’s Best picture where the AMPAS awarded the wrong film — by wrong, we have to assume several factors at play: the undeniable “epic,” the sweepie sweeps and heart vs. other bodily...
Posted On 17 Feb 2011