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The Weinstein Co 2013 release dates


Count on a few important acquisitions later in the year, as yet unknown. The Sapphires….. 3/22/13 Kon-Tiki………. 4/19/13 Unfinished Song… 6/21/13 Populaire……… 7/19/13 Haute Cuisine….. 8/16/13 Satanic……….. 8/30/13 Fruitvale……… 10/18/13 August: Osage County 11/8/13 Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 11/29/13 Grace of Monaco… 12/27/13 (thanks rufussondheim)

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Oscarwatch: On Genre Movies

Since there aren’t five Best Picture nominees to be had this year, although the rapid about-face the Academy did from last year to this leads me to believe that they will go back to five in the near future, we have a very strange way of going about finding the ...

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Oscars 2010: Slipping Through Cracks


While Academy members are receiving and filling out their ballots, around the same time, beginning December 30, SAG voters will decide on their final winners. Many of the acting races feel wide open. We assume Best Actor will be Colin Firth, at last, winning for not just his entire career ...

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True Oscar Hysteria Officially Launched


October takes me by surprise every year. I think that things are cruising along at a manageable level and then, wham! October brings Oscar season proper and with it, the good, the bad and the ugly. It didn’t take long for word from last night’s Academy screening of The Social ...

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