Oscar Poker, Plus New Gold Derby – Social Network for Oscar Watchers

Yesterday, Jeff Wells of Hollywood-Elsewhere.com and I met up with Tom O’Neil at the historic Sunset Tower hotel in Hollywood to talk about the new Gold Derby. ┬áMost people already know that Gold Derby has predictions from Oscar peeps, but you probably didn’t know...
Posted On 10 Oct 2011

Oscar Poker, Episode 48

Oscar Poker & at [Updated] iTunes [Updated] Topics discussed – Moneyball and Brad Pitt’s Oscar chances, Straw Dogs and Drive’s box office – we actually do talk some Oscar on this one.
Posted On 19 Sep 2011

Oscar Poker Episode 23

[alert]Please note: Jeff and I get Doc Short way wrong. We’re talking about Killing in the Name – about the terrorist bombing at a wedding, but the film that won was Strangers No More – which is about a school for war-torn children — big mistake, ours....
Posted On 28 Feb 2011

Oscar Poker, Episode 22

In this week’s episode, we chit chat a bit, talk about extending Oscar Poker for longer than Oscar season, and then quickly do the run-down of predictions – although I have to say, predicting the Oscars this year is probably the least exciting thing about it. Have a...
Posted On 23 Feb 2011

Oscar Poker Episode 21

Jeff Wells and I are Joined this week by Scott Feinberg. [display_podcast]
Posted On 15 Feb 2011

Oscar Poker Episode 20

We’ve just uploaded Oscar Poker, Episode 20. Jeff and I are joined by Boxoffice.com’s Phil Contrino as we dig our way out of what will be called from here on out “The King’s Speech debacle.” We have a bit of fun just chit-chatting and kind of run...
Posted On 07 Feb 2011

Oscar Poker Episode 16

We are going to be getting our Moviegasm podcasts up and running soon — we had to take a break for a variety of reasons. Jeff Wells, Phil Contrino and I recorded this podcast yesterday morning, post-Golden Globes. The BAFTA nods hadn’t yet come out, so we...
Posted On 18 Jan 2011

Oscar Poker, Episode 14

The latest Oscar Poker for you. It does contain a spoiler but I do mark it this time with a vocal cue. It’s mostly spoiler-free, though. We discuss Rabbit Hole, True Grit, and talk briefly at the end about a few potential Oscar grabs for 2011. [display_podcast]
Posted On 03 Jan 2011

Oscar Poker is Up

Jeffrey Wells, Phil Contrino and I do our best to battle the bad weather and our being in different locations. None of the usual technical things to work with, but we made due. I was just coming off of a terrible stomach bug, so all in all, it was just one of those crazy things....
Posted On 26 Dec 2010

Three-way Moviegasm and Oscar Poker Up

Three Way Moviegasm this week tackles Oscar years 1969 and 1970. Midnight Cowboy and Patton were the two big Best Pic winners, but it was also the eve of the 1970s, Oscar’s best decade until now, or certainly one of them. And Jeff Wells, Marshall Fine (Hollywood & Fine...
Posted On 21 Nov 2010