Oscar Podcast Preview: Schindler’s List, the Unequivocal Best Picture winner

There are very few Oscar years like 1993, when Schindler’s List won Best Picture. Inevitability took hold in the decades before, say, the 1970s frequently. But after the 1970s, when everything changed, surprise winners were more likely. Then, after Chariots of Fire all bets...
Posted On 27 Sep 2013

Oscar Podcast Preview – 1992

Unforgiven won the Oscar for Clint Eastwood in 1992.  The best picture nominees that year did not include the year’s best film which was Robert Altman’s The Player. Oscar voters like to reward movies about themselves in a flattering reach-around. But they don’t...
Posted On 21 Sep 2013

Previewing The Pivotal Year of 1989 for Oscar Podcast

1989 is one of the years we continually refer back to as it was both one of the only Oscar years where Best Picture went to a film without a directing nomination for its director, and it was also the year the Academy shut out Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.  I wrote about...
Posted On 22 Aug 2013

Oscar Podcast Takes on Rain Man

In case you are interested, Craig Kennedy, Ryan Adams and I have been going through the Oscar years starting with the 1970s. This week we tackle 1988 when Rain Man won Best Picture. Rain Man is one of the few films to go down as the box office champ of the year and win Best...
Posted On 20 Aug 2013

Oscar Podcast Episode 25

In case you missed it, our latest podcast was dedicated to Ebert. Have a listen. Next week we will return to the 1970s, with the year Godfather II beat Chinatown.
Posted On 09 Apr 2013