Down to the Wire – One Last Look at Split Guilds, Split Oscars

The Gurus of Gold and Gold Derby have put out their predictions. No one is predicting American Hustle to win in Best Picture, which is really the only logical split vote scenario, being that the SAG ensemble win would be in play, as it’s been every time since the beginning...
Posted On 27 Feb 2014

AwardsDaily’s 15th Annual Predict the 86th Academy Awards

It has all come down to this, Oscar watchers. Another year almost in the can. Outcome mostly uncertain. All eyes turn to he BAFTAS before the final predictions are made. But if you’re ready to go – the contest is ready for you. Winners will receive the customary set...
Posted On 02 Feb 2014

Oscar Nominations Wish List

Whenever people talk about Oscar Nominations Morning, in my head I hear a jeer, a rhyme, a grim homonym: Oscar Nominations Mourning. From December to mid-January I live in a dreamworld. A world where any award is possible. My comfy bubble is left unlocked but there’s a Do...
Posted On 15 Jan 2014

Predict the SAG and PGA and Oscar Nominations!

It’s an incredibly busy season, Oscarwatchers. Tomorrow I will post the preview and predictions for the Critics Choice awards. But for now, please enter our SAG, PGA and Oscar contests!    
Posted On 14 Jan 2014

The State of the Race: Final Oscar Nomination Predictions

My candle burns at both ends, It will not last the night– ah, my foes, and oh, my friends, It gives a lovely light. The Oscar year began all the way back in Cannes where three films were introduced – Inside Llewyn Davis, All is Lost and Nebraska.  For a time it seemed...
Posted On 14 Jan 2014

DGA Contest winners!

These are the smart Oscarwatchers who got 5/5 on the DGA predictions. Congratulations! Eric Edge Reinaldo Glioche Jeff Beck Patryk G Matt Neglia Johnny Connelly Eric Petillo rocky langsy Pj Edwards Alex Heisman Sam Mohseni Joe Clinton Melissa Christine Richard Cairns cyrus m KT...
Posted On 13 Jan 2014

The Prediction Game, and They’re Off

Gold Derby has assembled a ragtag group for the first predictions sweep (Movie City News’ Gurus of Gold will also post soon) of Best Picture. These are mostly spit in the wind choices, though I follow Anne Thompson’s lead by never predicting a film to win that I...
Posted On 20 Aug 2013

Big Bad Predictions Chart – It’s a Beginning

We have our prelim chart up and running. You will notice from this year how diverse it (mostly) is. Some of the wild ones, I can dig it. If you just go with the flow you will always just do “okay” but never fly like an eagle. Main charts | Tech charts I would...
Posted On 20 Feb 2013

50 Psychics Predict Lincoln to win Best Picture

Since it’s such a wide open Oscar race, since nothing like this has happened quite this way … ever … theories keep popping up everywhere. Moreover, there doesn’t appear to be a very strong consensus forming. The only thing pundits seem absolutely certain...
Posted On 20 Feb 2013

Guide to Oscar Predictions — General Consensus and Potential Long Shots

I thought it might be worth combing through the Oscars category by category. What is most likely to win, what might win and what the dark horse could be.  I come at this three ways. First, what the general consensus is based on previous wins, Second, what the shifting buzz seems...
Posted On 17 Feb 2013