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4 years ago

Outguess Ebert, Win $100,000

Ebert has put both his predictions (thanks Ryan) and his Outguess Ebert contest online. ¬†I think there are more than a few smarty pants Oscar watchers out there who... (Read More)

4 years ago

Oscars 2010: Opposing Teams

People are taking sides. ¬†Fans, voters, bloggers. ¬†What’s an Oscar watcher to do? The way this year is going to go seems all but a certainty: a King’s Speech... (Read More)

4 years ago

Gold Derby's Oscar Predicts

A few of us are just having some fun with the race by sticking by The Social Network. ¬†My advice to you, Oscar watchers, though: do not try this... (Read More)

4 years ago

Oscar contenders run another gauntlet

At the awards ceremony for The National Board of Review Tuesday night, The Huffington Post asks Michelle Williams, Aaron Sorkin and Armie Hammer, Blake Lively, Sofia Coppola, M. Night... (Read More)

4 years ago

Gold Derby’s New Batch of Predix

Tom O’Neil queried a new group of folks to get their answers. Some of them are surprising, most continue the party line. Starting with Best Picture, he asked Tim... (Read More)

4 years ago

Rounding Out the Pre-Season Picks

Indiewire’s Peter Knegt takes a look back at the last few months and rolls the dice. ¬†His conclusion? [quote]A few things that are looking quite certain as summer turns... (Read More)

4 years ago

Spitballing Best Actor

Cinematical’s Erik Childress has done another early Oscar article focusing on who’s here, who’s coming and what the Best Actor race might shape up to look like eventually, you... (Read More)