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Wuthering Heights, "superb, groundbreaking"

IndieWIRE’s Oliver Lyttelton …Arnold eschewed the starry route when she took the job, casting mostly unknown teens and twentysomethings in the key roles. Was this some craven attempt to appeal to “Twilight” fans (the book being a favorite of characters within the vampire franchise)? More importantly, would Arnold taking on ...

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TIME gives Rise of the Apes a perfect score

Joe Neumaier at the New York Daily News gave Rise of the Planet of the Apes its first grade-A 100 rating. Now TIME’s Richard Corliss agrees with another perfect score. Corliss says Rupert Wyatt’s film “deserves to be in the company of the great original Kong. This year’s sixth ‘origins’ ...

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6-minute train wreck sequence from Super 8

“Production Values!” EW’s Lisa Schwatzbaum says Super 8 is “a great specimen of original storytelling grounded in a sophisticated respect for storytellers who have come before.” Loving, Playful, and spectacularly well made, Super 8 is easily the best summer movie of the year — of many years. And I make ...

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Cannes 2011 review: The Tree of Life

Some films aren’t designed to be watched and absorbed in two hours. They need repeated viewings over the years; they beg for their audience to grow along with them, their meaning evolving over time. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 is one of those. Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life is another. Usually a ...

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Cannes 2011 review: Michael

(Watch the trailer for Michael below).) Markus Schleinzer‚Äôs deeply disturbing portrait of a child molester is one of several films at Cannes this year that depict children being treated cruelly. Polisse is another, but Ma√Øwenn’s film draws a distinct moral line though the graphic nature of the crimes — the ...

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We Need to Talk About Kevin

Some Mother’s Son: We Need to Talk About Kevin So many times now we‚Äôve had to endure another tragic news story – some disgruntled teen has shot the whole school down and then killed himself. ¬†Sympathy goes to the victims and their parents, as well it should. Hatred and blame ...

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Giamatti, McCarthy & Seachlight score a Win Win

No surprise critics are finding the golden indie elements of a Sundance premiere, Fox Searchlight, director Tom McCarthy and Paul Giamatti a winning combination. David Edelstein, New York Magazine: It’s not clear what the title refers to specifically, but the movie has “win win” all over it. The smarts of ...

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Roger Ebert on True Grit: “A Splendid Western”

true grit black

Ebert’s 3 1/2-star review phrased in terms of 4-star esteem: I’m describing the story and the film as if it were simply, if admirably, a good Western. That’s a surprise to me, because this is a film by the Coen Brothers, and this is the first straight genre exercise in ...

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Critics saddle up for True Grit

True Grit rev

One more package left to shake, rattle and weigh as the season wraps up, and I promise you it’s a doozy. If you listened to this week’s episode of the Moviegasm podcast, you know that Sasha, Craig and I enjoyed True Girt immensely. You’ll be hearing from critics how it’s ...

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