2014 Simulated Oscar Ballot: Final Results

Instead of editorializing and trying to spin these results, we’ll just present the fruits of Rob’s monumental efforts, step back, and let each of you tease out your own interpretation. There are a lot of interesting patterns I see emerge, but I found those patterns on...
Posted On 26 Feb 2014

Final Hours to Vote: Simulated Oscar Ballot 2014

UPDATE: Just a little over 24 hours left to vote. Ballot closes Sunday, Feb 23 at 10 p.m. PT. Now that final voting for the 2014 Academy Awards has begun, we’re ready to open the final phase of the simulated ballot for Awards Daily readers.  This year we’ve all seen...
Posted On 22 Feb 2014

Round-by-Round: Simulated Oscar Ballot Breakdown

Rob has completed all the spreadsheets to show us the internal numbers of this year’s Simulated Oscar Ballot Project. I’ll keep this intro short and let comments be our guide in determining how much of this needs explaining. You can just click on the links below to...
Posted On 20 Jan 2014

Simulated Oscar Nominations Ballot Results

The raw results have been tabulated. Thanks a million to Rob Y for giving us another terrific angle on the Oscar process. Rob promises to have a detailed breakdown and spreadsheets ready to examine over the next few days. Picture: 1) 12 Years a Slave (in first place on 23% of all...
Posted On 15 Jan 2014

Simulated Oscar Ballot Deadline

Just a quick reminder: The deadline to cast your vote on the Simulated Oscar Ballot is tonight at 10 p.m. PST. – Express Ballot Link.
Posted On 13 Jan 2014