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State of the Race

The State of the Race: The Land of Hope and Dreams


“This train carries saints and sinners. This train, carries losers and winners.” —Springsteen So much of the Oscar race is built on the precarious ledge of hope. Audiences hope the movies are good. Publicists hope for many nominations and a big payday. Film fans hope for their tastes to be ...

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The State of the Race: Defining an Oscar Frontrunner


“I call to you, I call to you but I don’t call soft enough. There ain’t no cure for love.” – L. Cohen The Oscar race, like an urgent search for “true love,” is rarely about finding Ms. Right, so much as it is about finding Ms. Right Now. Sometimes ...

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The State of the Race: Fumbling Towards Enlightenment


The Oscars can be a kaleidoscope view of our world — spectacular and surreal. Or they can be a microscope, honing in with sharp perspective on matters we’re obliged to observe with crystal clarity. The themes that course through this year’s Oscar race for Best Picture will likely be far ...

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