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PenisGate Continues with 12 Angry Men Parody

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I love that Amy Schumer is embarrassing the power elite in Hollywood who think they doing the public’s bidding in only hiring that which will raise the mighty peen. She is addressing it with the amount of absurdity it deserves. Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows More of this ...

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Gone Girl Sparks Debate about What Defines Strong Women or Cool Girls


(SPOILERS) “Kubrick is after a cool, sunlit vision of hell, born in the bosom of the nuclear family, but his imagery–with its compulsive symmetry and brightness–is too banal to sustain interest, while the incredibly slack narrative line forestalls suspense.” – from David Kehr’s review of The Shining “The crazier Nicholson ...

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The State of the Race: Will be the Year of the Female Anti Hero?


**Slight Spoiler Warning*** Women don’t get to be anti-heroes much, at least where Oscar wins are concerned, whether male or female, voters prefer good or admirable characters to dark ones.  Good girls usually suffer no pushback but bad girls? They don’t get off so easy. It can get a little ...

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What it Means to Blame Violence on Art


Above is Ann Hornaday’s video explanation — which needed to be clarified since so many completely missed the point but they did the clicktivism we’re so inclined to do now: have a fit, think rationally about subject later. An important distinction needs to be made, apparently, since many of the ...

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