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What it Means to Blame Violence on Art

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Above is Ann Hornaday’s video explanation — which needed to be clarified since so many completely missed the point but they did the clicktivism we’re so inclined to do now: have a fit, think rationally about subject later. An important distinction needs to be made, apparently, since many of the accusations thrown at Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday include the following words, “she’s blaming the shooting on Judd Apatow and Seth…


At Cannes Stories About Women Dominate, even if Female Filmmakers are Rare

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In case you’ve been wondering why it’s so difficult to get movies about women made you don’t have to look any further than 2014′s 67th Cannes Film Festival. Under the jury president, Jane Campion, the best films so far in main competition here have revolved around female characters – complex, imperfect, beautifully drawn these leading roles offer up a counter to the majority of films that get paid attention to…

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What it Feels Like for a Girl: Olivia Wilde on the “New Normal” of Sexism in Hollywood

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Posted by film critic Carrie Rickey on Facebook.


Danielle Henderson Savages The Other Woman in Best Review Ever

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Oh how I love a good bad review but in this case a female writer unleashes her pent up fury against not just The Other Woman but the whole concept of the suffocating genre known as the rom-com, defined here as product to lure female kind into man-hating mode — but only because they are drawn to cads who hurt them repeatedly. This is a revenge fantasy that many women…


WGA Diversity Report Says Women Screenwriters Lose Even More Jobs

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The WGA diversity report, released on April 15, delivered this rather devastating news about women screenwriters in Hollywood. While women and other minorities are doing a bit better on television, on film things are only getting worse: Women Screenwriters Lose Ground in Film In the film sector, women writers fell further behind their white male counterparts in 2012, accounting for just 15 percent of sector employment (down from 17 percent…


The State of the Race Part Two: The Vanishing Stories of Women

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This has been a banner year for women at the box office – Hunger Games ($361 million, #2 for the whole year so far), Gravity ($253 million), two starring Melissa McCarthy made it into the top twenty (The Heat—$159 million and Identity Thief—$139 million), and Frozen ($170 million) — but all of them, with the exception of Frozen, were directed by men. There are also a few key films about…


How Have Women Fared in Film? An Infographic

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Fairly enlightening, this. And depressing. Don’t make me start talking about the three holes again. Full infographic after the cut.


Oscar and the Bechdel Test

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This morning on Twitter, Ryan, Paddy, Tero and I were discussing women in film, specifically, women in film and the Best Picture race.  Ryan came to the conclusion that it’s been roughly 60 years since films dominated by women also dominated the Best Picture race. I took it one step further to say that films dominated by women have been steadily declining not just in Hollywood but specifically in the…

Clinton 2016

The State of the Race: Will There be a Hillary Effect on the Oscar Race?

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Imagine as we enter Oscar race 2013 three strong films written and directed by women, with leading women at the forefront, one of which is crowned the early frontrunner to win. Imagine an Oscar race where it didn’t matter anymore. Maybe it’s the same year Kathryn Bigelow, Angelina Jolie and Jane Campion all have Oscar frontrunners. Even though it’s 2013, 86 years after the Oscars began, it seems an impossibility….


Lake Bell’s Writing Earns Notice, Naked Bod Doesn’t Hurt

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Lake Bell’s new film, In a World, has been getting mostly good notices – a rave from the NY Times’ AO Scott, and pretty good reviews from other critics. But what seems to have gotten her more attention is the nude cover on New York Magazine: Sex is maybe the most powerful weapon a woman has and she only has it for a short window of time.  This is one…