Gravity, UK trailer

NOTE: There are people who say they wish they hadn’t watched this. I didn’t. Click with caution.

(thanks Marshall!)

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  1. Easily my most anticipated of the season. I’m hopeful for a Life of Pi-eque visual (and nerve-wracking) experience.

  2. Sandra Bullock looks badass in what has been my most anticipated film before the first trailer was even released. Bullock is on her way to Oscar nomination (and maybe win) #2, and the film itself looks absolutely incredible. Alfonso Cuaron, get your speeches ready…

  3. If Sandra hadn’t won recently, I could see where this could be a dark horse contender. But unfortunately she’ll be held to that “eh well she just won” line of thinking, in my opinion. But assuming it’s a great performance, I’d love to see this role make some waves. It’s about time genre pics get the acting nom attention the often deserve.

  4. Gravity and 12 Years A Slave are my most anticipated movies this year! Fortunately, so far, I have managed to avoid spoilers but my mind is already anticipating what those spoilers could be! Which way will it go??

  5. Oh the irony! the trailer itself says that in space there’s nothing to carry sound, and then there’s a gigantic crash and spinning sound and all sorts of sound effects that couldn’t possibly exist in the real situation! it’s ridiculous that it’s been 45 years since 2001 and that’s the only film that’s got it right! THERE IS NO SOUND IN SPACE!

  6. So if you made this film you’re saying it would be a silent one? B-O-R-I-N-G! If we’re playing the ‘what’s real’ game, it’s not like there’d be all those cameras up there to capture the moment either. Don’t you understand that movies – especially science fiction (fiction – that means it’s NOT real) – ask that you suspend your belief. It’s the director who’s telling the story. And if he chooses to use sound to enhance the story-telling experience then who cares!

  7. “and then there’s a gigantic crash and spinning sound and all sorts of sound effects”

    I get the impression all those sounds are part of the musical score. I might be wrong. I think the sounds are all part of the ambient music score, right?

    I think that’s part of the genius of the soundtrack, and I think it could make it a frontrunner to win best score.

  8. There are no sounds. That´s just the soundtrack, the voices and the breathing.

  9. You’re correct Ryan, the sound effects are both part of the score, and in this case, added just for the trailer. In the film itself there will be no sound effects when they are in space.

  10. Seeing Gravity on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

  11. Please tell me that was a joke. I’ve seen better graphics in Playstation games. CGI sucks I tell ya

  12. I wish I hadn’t watched this.

    Slightly off point, how many A-list actresses turned this down? I remember some talk about Jolie being offered and passing.

  13. Adam, don’t be discouraged, my understanding is that the incredible 3D visual effects just didn’t translate to the 2D trailer. I recall someone on the podcast saying that.

  14. I haven’t watched the trailer yet so I’m curious to know why people wish they hadn’t watched it. Is it bad? Does it reveal too much? Or something else?

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