Ruby Dee, RIP

Ruby Dee died peacefully in her sleep at 91 years old. Thanks to Natasha for the news. Dee was nominated for American Gangster, though not Do the Right Thing, a major oversight.

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  1. She was an icon of the industry and a woman capable of bringing such grace and soul to her performances on the screen. I am still touched by her brilliant perf in Jungle Fever.

  2. She deserved the Oscar for American Gangster, go back and look at that movie.

  3. The first time I ever became aware of her was in American Gangster. She was terrific as Mama Lucas.

    R.I.P. Ruby Dee

  4. She and Ossie were my era’s Lunt & Fontaine.

  5. I’ll never forget her scene with Denzel in American Gangster, we all know which one I’m talking about. She was also brilliant in Raisin in the Sun

  6. Ruby Dee, Rest in Peace.. so great in Do the Right Thing.. and was perfect in her spotlight scene in American Gangster.

  7. Loved her in JUNGLE FEVER. RIP.

  8. I will always be disapointed of how she appears only for a few minutes on “American Gangster”. She was terrific on it, but she deserved more screen time. I remember when I saw the trailer that I thought her role will be much bigger than it actually is. Terrific actress.

  9. RIP Ruby Dee

  10. American gangster was great and she was too1

  11. RIP Ruby Dee :(

  12. rip:(

    loved you in jungle fever/american gangster, you will be missed<3

  13. She was a true artist, and a wonderful activist. Rest in peace, lady Dee.

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