The State of the Race: The Eddie Keeps the Race Wide Open – Enter Captain Phillips

Last night in the Arlington theater I sat next to the Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg. We were talking Best Picture. “Virtually any movie can win,” he said. “In the era of the preferential ballot we have no idea how the votes will go down.” With...
Posted On 08 Feb 2014

Ace Eddie Preview

Tomorrow, the Editors Guild announce their nominees.  The Eddie is so intertwined with Best Picture that it’s nearly impossible to win without having an Eddie nod.  The editors nomination at the Oscars is also crucial to the Best Picture win, almost even more than director...
Posted On 09 Jan 2014

Argo expected to plow through last remaining guild awards before Taking Best Picture Oscar

This upcoming weekend will be the Writers Guild, the Editors Guild, the Cinema Audio Society and the Motion Picture Sound Editing.  At this point, we’re just going through the motions — it’s all over but the enthusiastic speech at the end. I expect that Argo...
Posted On 12 Feb 2013

ACE Eddie editing nominations!

BEST EDITED FEATURE FILM (DRAMATIC): Argo, William Goldenberg, A.C.E. Life of Pi, Tim Squyres, A.C.E. Lincoln, Michael Kahn, A.C.E. Skyfall, Stuart Baird, A.C.E. Zero Dark Thirty, Dylan Tichenor, A.C.E. and William Goldenberg, A.C.E. (Comedy Musical, Documentary and Animated cats...
Posted On 11 Jan 2013

The Social Network wins ACE for Best Editing!

Best Edited Feature, Drama: The Social Network Best Edited Feature Comedy/Musical: Alice in Wonderland Best Edited Animated Feature: Toy Story 3 Best Edited Documentary : Exit Through the Gift Shop Best Edited Miniseries or Movie for TV: Temple Grandin Best Edited 1/2-Hour...
Posted On 19 Feb 2011

Ace Eddie Preview

The last of the guild awards will choose its winner this weekend. ¬†The Eddie is probably the second most important guild award after the DGA – the reason for this is that they’ve been around a very long time, a lot longer than the majority of the guild awards that...
Posted On 17 Feb 2011

Only Causes Worth Fighting For

Yeah, stick a fork in Oscar race 2010.  The Weinsteins win this round. But we have to entertain ourselves in the coming weeks Рif, for no other reason, we still have at least three weeks before the Oscars finally roll themselves out, choose their winner.  By then,...
Posted On 05 Feb 2011

ACE Eddie nominees!

BEST EDITED FEATURE FILM (DRAMATIC): Black Swan, Andrew Weisblum, A.C.E. The Fighter, Pamela Martin Inception, Lee Smith, A.C.E. The King’s Speech, Tariq Anwar The Social Network, Angus Wall, A.C.E. & Kirk Baxter BEST EDITED FEATURE FILM (COMEDY OR MUSICAL): Alice in...
Posted On 14 Jan 2011

The Hurt Locker Tops Ace Eddie Awards

Best Editing, Drama: The Hurt Locker Best Editing, Comedy: The Hangover Best Editing, Documentary: The Cove Best Editing, Animated Feature: Up Best Editing, Miniseries: Grey Gardens Best Editing, Drama Series: Dexter Best Editing, Comedy Series: 30 Rock Waiting on the American...
Posted On 14 Feb 2010

Ace Editing Poll

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Posted On 14 Feb 2010