The Case for: Alfonso Cuaron

[This is not an advertorial - all five Best Director contenders will be featured] Alfonso Cuarón was born in Mexico City. His father, Alfredo Cuarón, was a nuclear physicist who, according to Wikipedia, “worked for the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy...
Posted On 15 Feb 2014

The State of the Race: Guilds Split Three Ways, Gravity has Edge

For the first time since the Academy expanded the Best Picture race to more than 5 nominees, the industry seems divided between three strong films. The actors branch clearly loves David O. Russell’s American Hustle, giving it nominations in all four acting categories, plus...
Posted On 26 Jan 2014

Best Director: Lost and Found in America

Variations on a theme running through this year’s strongest five films in the Best Director category — Gravity, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Nebraska and The Wolf of Wall Street — all spring from the notion that the main character, or characters, are lost....
Posted On 19 Jan 2014

DGA Nominees!

Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave Paul Greengrass, Captain Phillips David O. Russell, American Hustle Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street
Posted On 07 Jan 2014

The State of the Race – Directors Break with Consensus

One of the more interesting questions in this year’s Oscar race is wondering what the Directors branch is going to do. Will their choices be as strange and random as last year, when only two names from the DGA also made Oscar’s list? In 2012, for the first time in...
Posted On 19 Nov 2013

Alfonso Cuarón and the Cinematic Precipice

A short compilation by Jorge Gonzalez Diaz. WHAT IS CINEMA?: Alfonso Cuarón and the Cinematic Precipice from Jorge Gonzalez Diaz on Vimeo.
Posted On 17 Oct 2013

Best Director: McQueen, Daniels Edge towards Making History

In 86 years of Oscar history only two African-American directors have ever been nominated for an Oscar — John Singleton and Lee Daniels.  It isn’t that the Academy leans towards white American filmmakers to be exclusionary. It’s more a function of the fact that...
Posted On 09 Sep 2013

Cuaron’s Masterpiece: The Welcome Pull of Gravity

“The body, she says, is subject to the force of gravity. But the soul is ruled by levity, pure.” – Saul Bellow Gravity is a film worthy of being in the same room as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 in that the visual effects are as groundbreaking as the message is deep. In truth, so...
Posted On 01 Sep 2013

Todd McCarthy reviews Gravity from Venice

Had planned to post excerpts from several reviews — but it seems nobody is able to keep their mouth shut about plot twists. Go read Justin Chang at Variety at your own risk. He blurts out a dozen things you’ll wish you didn’t know. No wonder so many people in...
Posted On 28 Aug 2013