Save the Psycho House!

Sign the petition at to save this historic monument.
Posted On 21 Feb 2014

RIP Joan Fontaine

I was remiss getting this news online. After the death of Peter O’Toole, Fontaine’s came so suddenly.  The Oscar winner famously feuded with her sister.  Fontaine was an early favorite of Hitchcock’s. She starred in Hitchcock’s only Best Picture winner,...
Posted On 15 Dec 2013

Cinema of the Uncomfortable: Dream Homes, Secret Rooms and the American Nightmare

As we fumble towards some kind of symbolic permanence in our lives we sometimes land where we shouldn’t, in places that have long since belonged to someone else. We call those places ours but they aren’t really; they are rooted sometimes in darkness, inhabited by ghosts, or...
Posted On 29 Mar 2013

The Season of the Hitch

The year in film was already marked by Alfred Hitchcock as Vertigo at last topped Citizen Kane in the Sight & Sound poll. Vertigo had been slowly climbing its way to the top and this year it finally broke Kane’s 50-year reign at #1. As human nature dictates, the larger...
Posted On 07 Nov 2012

Hopkins, Mirren, Johansson click in Hitchcock trailer

I’ll confess, was not expecting to see such a light touch — but it works. Excited to see that’s the approach. This was an exuberant time in Hitchcock’s career — for one thing, it’s the year he became a millionaire — and it’s...
Posted On 10 Oct 2012