All Is Lost


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The other night I was invited to listen to a live performance of Alexander, who scored All is Lost. One of the many interesting things about the JC Chandor joint is how he put it together and what kind of ...

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Oscar season means Oscar parties. Usually you need a star or two in attendance to bring out the journalists because there are only a few who will turn up for the free food and drink alone, and even fewer who ...
all is lost

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JC Chandor’s Oscar-nominated screenplay, Margin Call, took him ten years to write. It is a deliberate, careful study of what it takes for a man to survive on Wall Street. He’s applied the same deceptively simple writing and directing to ...

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Truth: All is Lost is the kind of movie that if it hits you, it REALLY hits you. I suspect that it could depend on how much living you’ve done. Either way, Thomson writes this about All is Lost, and ...

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The central theme of many of 2013’s best and most important films is survival – in both literal and metaphoric ways. 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, Captain Phillips, All is Lost, and Dallas Buyers Club are all about a protagonist’s ...

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In looking over this year’s race for Best Actor, several names are emerging from the very crowded field. You’ll notice that many of the Best Actor frontrunners will be appearing in films that will ultimately be the Best Picture frontrunners ...
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Because my travel arrangements last year had me driving ten hours from Denver to Telluride I’d decided this summer I would simply make the drive directly from Los Angeles. There wasn’t anything remarkable about the trip except that I listened ...

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Now that Blue is the Warmest Color has taken two major awards in Cannes, let’s take a quick look at how the Cannes awards can sometimes match (or not) the Oscars. By and large, the Grand Prize, which Inside Llewyn ...

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