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Julie & Julia was the 2009 film starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Directed by Nora Ephron, the film intertwined two stories, Julia Child, the famous culinary chef and how she came to be, Streep played Child in the film. ...
big eyes2

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Variety have posted the first trailer for the Weinstein film, Big Eyes. Based on the true story of Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) and her husband, Walter (Christophe Waltz), the film tells the story of the artist who painted portraits of ...

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The Weinstein Company released two photos from Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, starring Adams as Margaret Keane. Keane was a painter, famous for painting children with big eyes. Christoph Waltz plays her husband, Walter. Big Eyes is a true story, and ...

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by Jazz Tangcay Will 2015’s Best Actress race be The Year of the Redhead? It’s only July and some might consider it a bit too early to be making any predictions about who’s going to win, but we can’t help ...

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Reporting on the events she saw on her flight, Jamele Hill witnessed Amy Adams giving up her first class seat to an American soldier, something the flight crew has never seen before but frankly, they should see more often. I’d ...

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As we head into another Oscar season you’ll see an array of representations of male characters of all ages and walks of life. Old, young, fat, thin, handsome, unattractive – you name it, they never run out of stories to ...

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When both Amy Adams and Leonardo DiCaprio won at this past weekend’s Golden Globe awards it looked like they might have momentum to get into the Oscar race.  Their Globes wins, plus their BAFTA nominations make this seem very likely ...

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The Hollywood Reporter’s Actresses Roundtable:

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Last night was the first screening of American Hustle. The film is under a review embargo so I can’t really “review” it but I can give some brief notes. First off, Jennifer Lawrence steals this movie, as she steals every ...

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(thanks to Josh for the link)

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This year, it feels like there is Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine and everyone else.  It isn’t that anyone is confident Blanchett can win. When Anne Thompson suggested Blanchett was the frontrunner she was was pounced upon by many of ...
Jennifer Lawrence

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This time for David O. Russell’s new movie (aka Valerie Perrine and Roy Scheider).  And Amy Adams and Christian Bale too.  Some photos come from JustJared.  Jennifer Lawrence is shown in these pics reading what looks like a script, though ...

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Vanity Fair put up a gallery of photos of the young ones from days gone by.  You’ll notice an enduring trend going all the way back to the early days of Hollywood – cheesecake sells.  Actresses are measured by their ...

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From TIME:

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The Supporting Actress category appears to be locked. It’s Anne Hathaway‘s to lose.  Part of it is who she is right now in the industry, who she is to the Academy itself, but the other part of it is her ...

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As I usually attend the Santa Barbara Film Fest, I’m excited about this. Amy Adams plays a character, she says, is actually closer to her real personality than the usually plucky, upbeat characters she’s cast as. She joins Ann Dowd ...

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Thanks, as always, to the diligent crew at ONTD for posting this info, finding the original source on the Washingotn Post. A new clip featuring Amy Adams. Her interview with Letterman after the jump.

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In case you hadn’t heard, I was the guest on AwardCircuit’s Power Hour this week.  We discussed the Best Actress and supporting actress race.  Also, you can hear me weekly on the Oscar Poker podcast with Jeff Wells and Phil ...

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From Scott Feinberg via Jeff Wells, we learn the reason why there were no individual FYC ads for the supporting roles in The Fighter: “because of a long-standing policy at Paramount, the film‚Äôs distributor (and presumably also because the studio ...

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Are we ready to hear Amy Adams tell us to take another little piece of her heart now, baby? Rumors spinning overnight say we should prepare for the prospect. Vulture points out that Zooey Deschanel is listed alongside Amy Adams ...

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