Andrew Dominik


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What great news, if true. Chastain is really the perfect actress to embody Marilyn, both physically and otherwise. She exudes the same kind of champagne-like aura. Chastain, like Monroe, draws you in while able to reveal vulnerability at the same ...

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Hard to deny Killing Them Softly doesn’t take aim at a broader target than most typical crime films try to hit. Full-size splatter pattern after the cut.

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Another top-tier director dipping into gritty genre entertainment. Life is sweet. Film School Rejects says Andrew Dominik is putting his Marilyn project on hold to focus first on a crime thriller. Set to begin filming in January, the director of ...

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Andrew Dominik is set to direct Blonde — a Marilyn Monroe biopic based on the fictional memoir by Joyce Carol Oates. FirstShowing links to news at ScreenDaily: Dominik, who last directed The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert ...

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Commenter Brian Kinsley at In Contention reads a spoiler-ish LATimes piece about The Road so we won’t have to. (There’s a tip-off to a change from the novel that I don’t want to know about.) Here’s something we can read ...

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