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When Naomi Watts was nominated by the Screen Actors Guild the pundits kind of giggled and twittered about it being a major coup by the Weinstein Co. to bring an out of nowhere performance onto the Oscar stage. But really, ...
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The forest is atwitter with enthusiastic word from tonight’s screening of Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods at the DGA theater. Someone calling herself Sasha Stone was in attendance. “You could call this a darker interpretation of Into the Woods. Chris ...

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Set in an alternate world of various Grimm fairy tales, the film intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales and follows them to explore the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests… What begins as a lively irreverent ...

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by Jazz Tangcay Will 2015’s Best Actress race be The Year of the Redhead? It’s only July and some might consider it a bit too early to be making any predictions about who’s going to win, but we can’t help ...

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To be fair, we should try to find videos teasing all the supporting actress nominees. But screw ‘fair’.

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JustJared has pics from V Mag where Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga are photographed РFarmiga rather uniquely. In the article, Kendrick says: “It’s incredibly rare to find a role that’s this juicy written for a young woman,” the 24-year-old ...

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And again, not yet available on YouTube so I can’t embed it here, however Apple has it. In the clip, we are given a bit more of the story — George Clooney’s character is saving frequent flyer miles. “The miles ...

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