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6 years ago

Dennis Hopper & Ben Kingsley in Elegy

We posted the Red Band trailer for Elegy in August. Here’s a more reflective clip that rumbles with distant thunder as seasoned veterans Dennis Hopper and Ben Kingsley remind... (Read More)

6 years ago

Elegy, Red Band Trailer

The steamy red band trailer for Elegy. Written with such depth and complexity, Philip Roth’s novels have often endured blunt rough treatment on screen. With Isabel Coixet directing Elegy,... (Read More)

6 years ago

The Wackness trailer (such as it is)

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Enc-12oihwY[/youtube] Andrew O’Hehir lists “The Wackness” as one of “10 to Watch from Tribeca,” and the New York Times names Mary-Kate Olsen as one of this summer’s “4 to... (Read More)