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I woke up with a Cannes-do attitude. Sorry about the pun, but I’ve got to bulk these diaries out somehow. This is the second of three days, and the first of two consecutive, during my stay in London where I’ll ...
foxcatcher 7

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Boy, that escalated slowly. If it seems like only yesterday twhen we saw the first teaser for Foxcatcher, you’re almost right: it was over a year ago. Sept 26, 2013. Wise move for Bennett Miller to bide his time so ...

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Now that the Cannes awards have been handed out, some might wonder whether any of the films honored will make it all the way to the Oscars. The same films I thought had a chance at the beginning — Foxcatcher ...

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“That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” ― George Carlin When John Steinbeck wryly observed that most Americans disdained socialism as if they were “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” whose ship had ...

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Ensconced at his new platform under the Hitfix umbrella, In Contention’s Kris Tapley talks with Bennett Miller about the recent history of baseball  and the immediate future of filmmaking. In “Moneyball” — a project which had been nearly a decade ...

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There is a reason we have long since married our American spirit to baseball, and a reason why it’s the only sport with any romanticism attached to it, and there’s a reason why the camera loves baseball movies.  The crack ...

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