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The year began with a film that was pushed into this year from the previous year, The Clouds of Sils Maria, still one of the best two-handers to feature women. Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart wandering through the world of ...

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Reese Witherspoon continues her reign as Most Valuable Player in the Oscar race this year, having produced two films (Wild and Gone Girl) and starred in two, all the while challenging herself in unexpected ways. In Wild, we follow her ...
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Which actresses in supporting roles will rise above the rest?

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It’s come to our attention that there might be one or two people not yet utterly enthralled by Lupita Nyong’o. To see if we can fix that, we’ll post this speech she gave a week ago at Essence magazine’s Black ...

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You might feel as though you’re torn in this category. There are so many great performances by five talented women – two or three of them could be considered lead. For instance, Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle is almost as ...

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Sally Field was featured on ABC Evening News tonight in a story that originally aired on Valentine’s Day. Sally Field has been a beloved part of American pop culture for nearly a half-century. At 66, she has as many Best ...
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While many of the major categories have been dominated by early front-runners for weeks, the Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress roles have maintained a more exciting balance of neck-and-neck rivalries. Some of the biggest Oscar surprises are typically reserved for ...

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Winner of the LAFC’s Best Supporting Actress award yesterday and a new BFCA nominee overnight, here’s Jacki Weaver in one the highlights from this year’s Australian Film Awards. (thanks Mark)

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In the wake this week’s sweep of the European Film Awards by The Ghost Writer, Roman Polanski’s political thriller continues to regain traction from the slippery circumstances that seemed to be clouding its prospects earlier this year. The EFA doesn’t ...
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Animal Kingdom has been nominated for 18 Australian Film Institute Awards, including no less than 8 nominations in the acting categories alone — virtually the entire cast has been nominated. Animal Kingdom — 18 nominations Beneath Hill 60 — 12 ...

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Oscar-nominated in the role of 100-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater when she was 87, Gloria Stuart becomes a genuine centenarian on Sunday. Born July 4, 1910.

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We’ll feature the Supporting Actor poll on the main page for a while now, but don’t forget to vote for Supporting Actress on page 2. (click above to go to the poll page)

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In a night of wonderfully meaningful and heartfelt speeches, we were hit with two right off the top. Dustin Lance Black, below, and Penelope Cruz, after the cut. (p.s. intertubes, u r youtubular) (how much do I love how Tilda ...

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‘Tis the season for surprises. Just as we’re getting comfy with our lists of “locks” and all neatly tucked in with our fave frontrunners, out of left field comes a Meryl Streep-Anne Hathaway tie or a stunning Happy-Go-Snub-Yourself from BAFTA. ...

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Choose your five favorite contenders for Best Supporting Actress. Continue with the Best Supporting Actor poll. Best Supporting Actress Contenders ( surveys) Continue with the Best Supporting Actor poll after the cut.

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Doubt trailer also available in various flavors for viewing and download at Apple. Poster after the cut.

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