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Cannes Diary – Of cloudless climes and starry skies

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Saying goodbye to this beautiful city is hard. No, coming to this festival is hard. No, it isn’t anywhere near hard. Nothing about coming here is hard. We are the privileged few who get to see movies for free, who get to see them first, who get to sip rich coffee out of a tiny doll’s cup, to breathe the sea air as it whips itself up into a frenzy…


Cannes Diary – Because the Night

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Six years I’ve been coming to the Cannes Film Fest but I’ve never attended the Cinema de la Plage, their drive-in on the beach. Quentin Tarantino was here this week with his tribute to Sergio Leone, truly one of the best directors of the western and one to whom Tarantino himself owes a great debt. But many directors have stolen from Leone, not just Tarantino. Tonight’s event featured The Good,…