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5 months ago

Cannes Lineup, 2014

2014 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL LINEUP via BBC OPENER “Grace of Monaco” (Olivier Dahan) COMPETITION “Adieu au langage” (Jean-Luc Godard) “The Captive” (Atom Egoyan) “Clouds of Sils Maria” (Olivier Assayas)... (Read More)

5 months ago

Cannes Wish List, Oscar Crossover

Cannes and Oscar couldn’t be more polar opposite from each other. To make a sweeping statement about the difference, I’d say that the Oscar race isn’t about the movies:... (Read More)

10 months ago

Poster for Seduced and Abandoned

At first I didn’t like the way this group of names was arranged on the risers of the red carpet stairway. But on second thought to see celebrity mingled... (Read More)

3 years ago

French seagull shoots Cannes aerial epic

Cheeky seagull borrows GoPro video camera in Cannes and improvises in-flight Documentary Short Subject. Debut Cinematographer/Director/Star, master of the long take, naturally leaves us hanging with one of those... (Read More)