Todd Haynes adds Carrie Brownstein to Carol

The HR exclusive tells us that the brilliant Carrie Brownstein from Portlandia (tell me you’ve seen it) has just been added to the cast of Todd Haynes’ drama Carol, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. You may remember Ms. Mara gave Ms. Blanchett her award in...
Posted On 10 Apr 2014

A Week Before Ballots are Sent Out, are the Lead Acting Frontrunners Locked?

I posted about this a few days back but it’s worth diving into again since the debates have begun to bubble up on social media.  Can any of the four acting slots be upset? And if so, which? My first thought is no.  They are locked down as any have been in recent years....
Posted On 10 Feb 2014

Rooney Mara’s Speech for Cate Blanchett, and Blanchett’s Acceptance Speech

Please forgive the quality of this video but Rooney Mara’s speech from the Santa Barbara Film Festival is so beautiful I had to share it with you all. Blanchett speaks towards the end.
Posted On 02 Feb 2014

Cate Blanchett’s Outstanding Performance of the Year Tribute

Last night, the Arlington theater was packed to celebrate Cate Blanchett who was named as Outstanding Actor of the Year from the Santa Barbara Film Festival. It was a cold night in Santa Barbara, but that didn’t stop the many party-goers and restaurant-hoppers crowding up...
Posted On 02 Feb 2014