Oscars: Best Supporting Actor Anyone’s Game

The weird way the awards lined up this year, like someone moving the cat bowl, has set an unpredictability in motion most of us have never experienced.  “I just want unpredictability” people always say. Well, be careful what you wish for because when predictability...
Posted On 05 Feb 2013

More Set Picks: Water for Elephants – Robert Pattinson and Waltz

More long lens set photos of Water for Elephants, this time a few pics of Robert Pattinson (cue screams) — courtesy of ONTD:
Posted On 10 Jun 2010

Christoph Waltz in Costume for Water for Elephants

Brought to you by Accidental Sexiness and ONTD where you can find more pics. ¬†Waltz was last seen losing the Best Villain award at the MTV Movie Awards — good god. Water for Elephants is helmed by video-turned-feature director Francis Lawrence (I am Legend), and also stars...
Posted On 08 Jun 2010

The State of the Race – The Big Story

It feels like the weeks before ballots are due are stretching farther than they ever have before. Believe it or not there is still a full two weeks before final ballots are due. That means there is time for reflection if Academy members are having a hard time making up their...
Posted On 16 Feb 2010

The Actors – Mostly Locked Redux

The four acting categories feel locked for various reasons. If a weakness is to be found it’s not with the contenders themselves, but with bored Oscar pundits who have nothing to do for the next few weeks except look for holes where there aren’t any. Even still, for...
Posted On 07 Feb 2010

Actors Roundtable – Firth, Cage, Waltz, Tucci, Freeman, Sarsgaard

Backstage has several great videos of the actors in the mix this year.  Six actors participate: Nicolas Cage, Stanley Tucci, Morgan Freeman, Christoph Waltz, Peter Sarsgaard, and Colin Firth. I guess Clooney was too buy. Jeff Bridges, where are ya, buddy? And Jeremy Renner also...
Posted On 04 Jan 2010

Hurt Locker Sweeps National Society of Film Critics

Kris Tapley points out that the last time a film won the LA Film Critics, the NY Film Critics and the National Society it was LA Confidential. And guess which film beat it? Seriously, there are so many weird little details in this race. Like the LA Confidential vs. As Good as it...
Posted On 03 Jan 2010