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In Depth Reviews of the Avatar Footage

Kris Tapley at InContention has written a lengthy piece on both the scenes and the panel afterwards: Weaver, who made a giant splash when she graced the stage, visions of Ripley dancing in the heads of those in attendance, hit just the right note with the audience. “Thank you for ...

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Avatar – gasms Coming out of Comic-Con

Twittered by various sorts who prefer to use adjectives which mean not a whole lot for people who don’t know what to expect: Director James Cameron had just two questions for the audience of 6,000 at today’s much-anticipated Avatar sneak peek at Comic-Con. One: “How many of you have ever ...

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The Comic Con Oscar Connection

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGs3_1qKl34[/youtube] Comic Con isn’t where Oscar geeks go to find Oscar news, not traditionally. But a curious combination of factors makes it so this year, chief among them Jim Cameron and his Avatar. Peter Jackson will be there but not for The Lovely Bones. Rather, he’ll be there in association ...

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