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Since the preferential ballot was enacted, the Producers Guild has been the decider after the flurry of critics and Golden Globe awards. Whether Boyhood is the frontrunner will be decided on Saturday. This is the big one that should decide ...

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These fine people won the contest, correctly predicting all five of the eventual nominees: Josh Parham Steven riggs Ighor Arantes James Tisch Adam Atkinson Jorge Gascón Michael Schetrompf Pedro Cruz steve schweighofer David Feldman Movie Film Ashton Dubey

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Kathryn Ruscito Quinton Buxton Friedl Kreuser Brian Susbielles Emad Ozery Randall Gerber Simone Fabriziani Laquittant Joris david evans david evans Bridgie James Rosenthal Joshua Gaul Armando Roque Cameron Clark Robert Gagnon Dane Marvin Matt Neglia Gabriel Pereira Guillermo Hormigo Joao ...

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NBR Contest winner, with 13/25 correct predictions: PJ Edwards NYFCC Contest winner, with 7/10 correct predictions: Mads Larsen Congratulations!

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The National Board of Review, which traditionally announced first during awards season now announces a day after the New York Film Critics. They have impact because they announce so early. Any bit of prestige early on always helps a contender ...

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It has all come down to this, Oscar watchers. Another year almost in the can. Outcome mostly uncertain. All eyes turn to he BAFTAS before the final predictions are made. But if you’re ready to go – the contest is ...

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Our contest is up and running. Preview coming later in the week.

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It’s an incredibly busy season, Oscarwatchers. Tomorrow I will post the preview and predictions for the Critics Choice awards. But for now, please enter our SAG, PGA and Oscar contests!    

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These are the smart Oscarwatchers who got 5/5 on the DGA predictions. Congratulations! Eric Edge Reinaldo Glioche Jeff Beck Patryk G Matt Neglia Johnny Connelly Eric Petillo rocky langsy Pj Edwards Alex Heisman Sam Mohseni Joe Clinton Melissa Christine Richard ...

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It’s that time of year again. Please check out Gold Derby to see what the experts are predicting, but you too can take a stab at it. There will be prizes!

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The SAG awards will be held SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 8ET/5PT. See if you can predict them accurately. There will be prizes.

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There wasn’t anyone who predicted American Hustle to win Best Picture at the New York Film Critics. So they really did pull a coup to the awards community. Here are those who scored the highest, with 6: Gianna Grabowski Jordan ...

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In just a few days, the New York Film Critics will announce first (Tuesday, December 3) and a day after that, the National Board of Review (Dec. 4). New York recently pushed their date to be before the National Board ...

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We have a winner for our Oscar contest and recipient of all nine DVD titles. Congratulations to Gianna Grabowski for correctly predicting 23 out of 24 categories, missing only Best Actress. The runners-up, with 22/24, who will receive one DVD ...

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For the winner of our Oscar contest, all nine of the BP nominees (or nine of any Oscar nominated movie, whether in BP or not). Runners-up – one dvd copy.

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I will have to start making these contests much harder. The winners of the DGA, ACE, WGA and CAS after the cut.

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The two highest scoring participants, with 18 out of 21: RJ Silk Kjartan Atli Óskarsson And with 17 out of 21: José R. Ortega Simone Fabriziani KT Elton Almeida

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SAG Contest PGA Contest We will be doing a longer preview for the SAG Awards closer to the event but our contest is open for business. The two big awards shows coming up, the Producers Guild and the Screen Actors ...

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It’s hard to believe that it will all come down to this. The same rules apply – you may enter more than once but we’ll always keep your most recent entry. CONTEST PAGE IS OPEN. Here are some key upcoming ...

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