Dakota Fanning

robin hood

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Robin Hood — the kind of fantastical story people told each other 80 or 800 years ago before they had the imagination to come up with Kryptonite and alien life forms. Not judging! Just sayin, it’s all the same: Guys ...

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Anne Thompson guides us to a preview of the Vanity Fair photo spread due in August featuring the young ladies of Twilight. Glamaflaged to within an inch of their lives and possibly several inches beyond, the girls are so homogenized ...

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Stills and social networking links after the cut.

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Early reviews for The Runaways are generally favorable. Roger Ebert says Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning “bring more to their characters than the script provides” and he likes Michael Shannon’s performance as their manager, Kim Fowley: Fowley, known in the ...

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Before the Twilight phenom took hold of Kristen Stewart’s star status, she was once considered an up-and-comer. She is, without a doubt, the main attraction at Sundance this year. The combination of youngish male bloggers wanting a glimpse or a ...

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So, every fanboy with a smart phone, Ugg boots and a furry-eared hat is chasing down a Kristen Stewart (who plays Joan Jett in the new film) interview at Sundance. Apparition has just sent out this MTV photo exclusive of ...

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Sometimes a rumor is too good to wait for official confirmation. Our friend Richard Crawford tells me today that Todd Haynes is adapting James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce as a long-form television mini-series. That much we might have known if ...

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