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How perfect that the news would break about Strangers on a Plane the same morning the DGA chose not to nominate David Fincher’s film of the year, Gone Girl. Strangers on a Plane will be a humorous spin on the ...

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Good directors are everywhere. They populate the awards race this year and every year. They dazzle with their first movie, try to live up to it in their second movie and with each hyped film try to beat back the ...
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I feel lucky to be living in a time when David Fincher is making great films, dark, smart and now, funny. Gone Girl, Fincher’s highest grossing film to date, just sailed past the $165 million mark. If you’ve never heard ...

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The Oscar race has never been as divisive as it is in 2014, with factions splitting from the whole to create new worlds where film represents different things for different people. The critics have risen up agains the general consensus ...

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David Fincher’s Gone Girl is about to make in 4 weeks what Benjamin Button made in 18. Argo totaled out at $136 million, and didn’t get where Gone Girl has gotten until about 18 weeks. Gone Girl will likely hit ...

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Considered the greatest film of all time Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo was not taken very seriously at all when it first came out in 1958. Had we been covering it — or were it opening today — it would be ...

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Gone Girl far surpassed expectations to earn $38 million this past weekend, (early tracking had it at $20 million), landing between last year’s Gravity which opened to $55 million in October and Captain Phillips, which opened at $25 million. For ...

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Gone Girl vaults to the top of David Fincher’s box-office chart with the best opening weekend of his career. $38 million; that’s 4.5 million tickets. Panic Room made $30 million selling 5.1 million tickets 12 years ago (in 2002, when ...

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(SPOILERS) “Kubrick is after a cool, sunlit vision of hell, born in the bosom of the nuclear family, but his imagery–with its compulsive symmetry and brightness–is too banal to sustain interest, while the incredibly slack narrative line forestalls suspense.” – ...

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Man, this is so great. Dissecting the work of David Fincher by Tony Zhou who assembles these wonderful videos for Every Frame a Painting about the craft of filmmaking.

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“So if you meet me Have some courtesy Have some sympathy, and some taste Use all your well-learned politesse Or I’ll lay your soul to waste” – The Rolling Stones (slight spoiler warning) When the economy began to collapse in ...

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NOTE: Gone Girl, novel and a movie, is thick with surprising twists. If you don’t want to stumble across hints about those twists then you should hold off reading anything about the story until after you see the movie. This ...

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Scott Foundas calls Gone Girl the movie of the year: In full accord w/ @justincchang: GONE GIRL is an exhilarating, pitch-black marital comedy; Fincher's EYES WIDE SHUT; the movie of the year. — Scott Foundas (@foundasonfilm) September 22, 2014 The ...
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In what can only be ranked as a flat-out, unconditional rave, Justin Chang reviews David Fincher’s Gone Girl for Variety.

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There isn’t a lot of noise out there on the upcoming third collaboration with David Fincher and Reznor/Ross, the composers who won the Oscar for The Social Network. Their second collaboration, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is even more ...

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Some movies are symphonies. The Godfather comes to mind. Some movies are jazz. John Coltrane or Miles Davis. Goodfellas and Taxi Driver. Sometimes a movie is so quiet and intense it brings no music to mind. The Coen’s No Country ...

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The Film Society of Lincoln Center has just announced Gone Girl will open the fest. Today they posted great picture of Fincher directing Ben Affleck with a long track in place for what promises to be a rad tracking shot. ...

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This first shot of Amy (Rosamund Pike) in her early years goes by in mere seconds in the trailer for Gone Girl. But I could tell it contained much context so I took a screen cap of it. Here, you ...

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No more puzzles, clues or treasure hunts. Here’s the hot new Gone Girl trailer we were waiting for all weekend.

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Tying up the four released evidence photos, Hitfix gets the last one. Take a look. The significance of today’s date, if you’ve read the book, is that July 5th is that it’s Amy’s birthday and also Amy and Nick’s wedding ...

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