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Predict the Emmys, Contest Winner


Congratulations to Olivier Lepine who correctly predicted 13 of this year’s Emmy winners. Footnote: According to Craig Kennedy, “the easiest category was Outsanding Miniseries with 89% correctly guessing Fargo. The hardest was Outstanding Writing in a Miniseries or TV Movie with only 7% correctly picking Sherlock.”

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Breaking Bad dominates with 6 Emmy Awards


Breaking Bad won 6 Emmys, tonight, including climactic wins for Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul. Sherlock won 3 Emmys, including those for the renowned duo Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Fargo and The Normal Heart won for Outstanding Mini-series and Outstanding Movie. Directors Cary Fukunaga and Colin Bucksey ...

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What the Emmys can Teach us About How We Watch the Oscars


1. Surprises are almost never good, even when we think we want them.  A good surprise is when someone totally out of left field wins and seems to deserve it. A bad surprise is when someone wins who doesn’t seem to deserve it.  The predictions machine had been predicting, pretty ...

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Coen brothers bring 10 hours of Fargo to FX


Television development news continue to be the greatest source of excitement in the off-season. (via THR) FX is moving forward with a Fargo adaptation. Network president John Landgraf announced during his first upfront presentation Thursday that it will launch a 10-episode adaptation of the 1996 best picture Oscar nominee as ...

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Raves for House of Cards on NETFLIX TODAY!

This is probably how I’m going to spend my weekend, even though I’ll also be headed to the Santa Barbara International Film Fest.  The newly minted series is available, all episodes, on Netflix starting today.  I will be writing up my thoughts on the wonderfully wicked series a bit later. ...

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Predict the Emmys!

Well, just so you know, creating this contest form was not the most fun thing in the world. Too many categories, fairly exhausting. But one thing I will note — you can tell what they really really really REALLY like by how many nominations the thing gets in all categories, ...

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Breaking Bad, season 5 trailer

As Nick K. points out, the 5th season of Breaking Bad currently has 17 reviews on Metacritic and all 17 are perfect scores of 100. It’s a series that might rightly be called “the best drama on TV.” An interesting argument could certainly be made. After the cut, check out ...

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Emmy Preview and Predictions

It’s time once again to write up a piece on a subject of which we here at Awards Daily know nothing about: the Emmys.  The Emmys are one step less lame than the Grammys, in my opinion, and both make the Oscars look like the jury awards at Cannes. So ...

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Emmy recap

Modern Family, Mad Men, Glee, and Breaking Bad won multiple top honors at the 62nd Emmy Awards Sunday night, each receiving 2 or 3 awards in a fair distribution of trophies among what most would agree are 4 of the finest series on TV.  Temple Grandin dominated the TV movie ...

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Throne Alone

(click for greater grandiosity) Sexiest throne pose since Xerxes? The slick articulate production design of Mad Men continues to be one of its greatest pleasures. Any episode that has Don pick up a bottle of booze and say, with irritation, “Why is this empty?” and get back a divinely simple ...

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Dexter, season 5 trailer

With 8 Emmy nominations this year, Dexter ties with Nurse Jackie. The only other cable series scoring more noms is Mad Men with 17. Breaking Bad has 7 nominations. Peter Weller, Julia Stiles, and Jonny Lee Miller join the cast when season 5 of Dexter premieres Sept 26th. Outstanding Drama ...

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62nd Primetime Emmy Nominations

moderrn family

24 Nominations for The Pacific… 19 Nominations for Glee… 17 Nominations for Mad Men… 15 Nominations for Temple Grandin, 30 Rock, You Don‚Äôt Know Jack… 14 Nominations for Modern Family Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 62nd Primetime Emmy Award Nominations DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE 2010 NOMINATIONS LIST HERE¬†¬†PDF | WORD ...

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Mad Men Season 4 promo

All Helvetica breaks loose in the promo for Season 4 of Mad Men. Dialogue is reduced (or elevated?) to bold typeface face-offs, and snappy comebacks become catchy slogans. Slick reminder that great advertising and great drama have one thing in common: a memorable way with words. Sell it.

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Mad Men Season 4 poster

Moving out of his corner office at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Don Draper now has an unobstructed view of the canyons of Manhattan. It’s an uneasy catbird seat above Madison Avenue that might imply he’s standing on a precipice. The floor-to-ceiling curtain wall seems to be an onward and upward ...

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Emmy Ballot FYC

Over at HollywoodChicago, Brian Tallerico thought it would be helpful to jot down a few key names to help television Academy members who might not have a clue as to whom to vote for (it doesn’t matter – they always vote for the same people over and over again). But ...

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Reality-TV and the Jamie Oliver Breath of Fresh Air

The Emmys do take into account Reality-TV. ¬†Jamie Oliver has done something unique with his Food Revolution. ¬†He’s actually tried to change the way public schools are feeding kids. ¬†Will it change anything? He’s got the old curmudgeon Anthony Bourdain in his corner, who writes: Say what you will about ...

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Glee’s Burt Hummel vs. Congressman Ike Skelton

TV isn’t obligated to perform a public service. Entertainment series that don’t try to tackle sticky issues or have deep social impact can still be worthwhile. But wow, when other institutions are so badly dropping the ball on the advancement of American culture, it’s truly wonderful to find a sector ...

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Jimmy Fallon to host 2010 Emmys

Broadcasting & Cable has the news: “Hosting the Emmys has been a dream of mine ever since they told me I was doing it,” said Fallon said in a statement. Variety first reported last week that NBC was working on a deal with Fallon. “His proven skills as a comedian ...

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