Our FYC Gallery Up and Running

An AwardsDaily feature going on 12 or 13 years now has just been updated by our good friend Dora, who runs Film-Releases.com. Check it out. I really like this one:
Posted On 10 Dec 2013

FYC Gallery Update

We’ve begun our gallery for the new season, thanks to help of Dora Kappou, who runs the great site film-releases.com.  We’ll be updating it throughout the season.
Posted On 23 Oct 2012

FYC Gallery Update

Thanks once again to Dora for spiffing up the gallery for your entertainment pleasure. Even though the majority of ads are online now, there are still many beautiful print ads we have collected from various sources over the years. Have a look. Print ads, to me, can celebrate the...
Posted On 15 Nov 2011

FYC Gallery Update

We included the notorious Melissa Leo ads — although, frankly, I’m not going to be one of those who sits in judgment at what Leo has done in creating ads for herself, despite the way they have been portrayed. ¬†Look, it’s a dirty business, the Oscar race. For...
Posted On 06 Feb 2011

Gallery Update

Dora has added some FYCs to the gallery. Take a look:
Posted On 18 Dec 2010