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The next Gillian Flynn novel to hit the big screen will be Charlize Theron in Dark Places. Flynn was obsessed with the Clutter murders as a child, which helps to explain some of her interest in dark and creepy characters ...

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The BAFTA pushed its date back to be before the Oscars in 2000. The USC Scripter began giving out their awards in 1997. The Golden Globes only has one category for screenplay, which includes original and adapted. Only the Critics ...
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How perfect that the news would break about Strangers on a Plane the same morning the DGA chose not to nominate David Fincher’s film of the year, Gone Girl. Strangers on a Plane will be a humorous spin on the ...

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Rope of Silicon points us to this Oscars Roundtable discussion by writers. One has to marvel that with all of the films headed into the race — there isn’t a single woman writer or even co-writer among them. Except one. ...

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David Fincher’s Gone Girl is about to make in 4 weeks what Benjamin Button made in 18. Argo totaled out at $136 million, and didn’t get where Gone Girl has gotten until about 18 weeks. Gone Girl will likely hit ...

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“So if you meet me Have some courtesy Have some sympathy, and some taste Use all your well-learned politesse Or I’ll lay your soul to waste” – The Rolling Stones (slight spoiler warning) When the economy began to collapse in ...

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One of the coolest things David Fincher did on Gone Girl was keep Gillian Flynn on as screenwriter. Probably the powers that be wanted a dude. I don’t know, just a guess.  Here is what the talented Ms. Flynn had ...

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