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8 months ago

Predicting the Golden Globes

Don’t forget to enter our contest to predict the Golden Globes. We’re going to be giving away the two winning films on DVD.   The Golden Globes unfurl Sunday,... (Read More)

5 years ago

Gold Derby Does Globe Predicts

It’s still a bit early for me to really lay down my predictions — but that didn’t stop me from putting in my two cents. Tom O’Neil casts a... (Read More)

6 years ago

Awards Daily Golden Globe Poll Results

As of 6:06 PM EST. BEST PICTURE, DRAMA Slumdog Millionaire (1338 votes) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (869 votes) Revolutionary Road (235 votes) Frost/Nixon (86 votes) The Reader... (Read More)

6 years ago

Forecasting the Golden Globes

by Daniel Kenealy I have been quietly observing this years Oscar race unfold, watching from afar in a semi-detached way certain stocks rise, certain stocks falls and we are... (Read More)