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6 months ago

Oscar Haiku Book Giveaway!

We’re giving away a book pack for our AwardsDaily giveaway.  To get the pack, please write a haiku of this silly season.  Remember, they are five syllables, then seven,... (Read More)

2 years ago

Pre-Nominations Oscar Haiku

What do you hope to see happen on Thursday?  We’re giving away the Django Unchained soundtrack for the best haiku. Or you can just enter for fun.  I’ll start.... (Read More)

4 years ago

Haiku Giveaway Winner: cineJAB

Rigorous wordplay Turns adversity to verse; Squabbles sound sweeter. My favorite thing about haiku contests is how they ask that we carefully consider our wording so all the clashing... (Read More)

4 years ago

Day Before the Oscars Haiku

We’re all a little worse for the wear this year. But let’s try to perk ourselves up with a little Haiku. A haiku is a non-rhymed verse genre.There are... (Read More)

5 years ago

Day Before the Oscar Noms Haiku

The haiku is an Awards Daily/Oscarwatch tradition. The haiku is a three line, seventeen syllable poem, with perfect thoughts per line and each line containing the syllable pattern: 5,... (Read More)

5 years ago

4th Annual Globes Haiku

It’s an annual tradition by now. We like to do Haiku twice. Once for the Globes and once for Oscar. The Haiku for this will follow the 5,7,5 syllable... (Read More)