How To Train Your Dragon 2


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I can’t really get behind the anger over the Lego Movie snub. I know that it was extremely popular and that it had a clever screenplay and it made a point about American consumerist culture. The problem I have with ...

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How to Train Your Dragon is one of the best animated features ever to hit the Oscar race. It wasn’t going to win, of course. Toy Story 3 was destined to claim the prize in 2010 as a culmination of ...

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Astrid-heavy, in keeping with the on-fire box office revolving around girl power of late.
Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 1.44.03 PM

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In the end, the most significant effect of the push for 3D could be the way it inspires directors to exploit the new spacial opportunities. They’re motivated to devise reasons to open up compositions that look fantastic in 2D too.

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