Hugh Jackman won’t host the Oscars next year

Round up the usual suspects. Deadline confirms that Hugh Jackman has declined another invitation to zhush up glam up the Oscars: Jackman hosted two years ago, and he turned down an overture last year because he didn’t want to host two years in a row. This time, Jackman is...
Posted On 07 Nov 2010

All Signs Are Pointing to Jackman

The LA Times’ Patrick Goldstein talks up the decision to go with two different producers this year and seems to suggest that the host will once again be Hugh Jackman. The question remains, though – how much of the show’s success last year was on Jackman and how...
Posted On 21 Oct 2009

How much did the leak hurt Wolverine?

Some talk in the comments overnight about the big weekend numbers for Wolverine, and how the box-office seemed bulletproof to the online leak of a high-quality print (minus some special effects.) $87 mil is a lot of wolvergreen, by any measure, and there are obviously millions of...
Posted On 04 May 2009

Roger Friedman, FOX in the henhouse

I was going to stay out of this one, but the aftermath got too messy to ignore. It was widely reported last week that one of FOX’s most important summer tentpoles got some premature morning wood on April Fools’ Day when a nearly complete workprint of Wolverine...
Posted On 05 Apr 2009

“Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome”

Hugh Jackman’s description of the staging of this year’s Oscar broadcast: The look of the theater is very different. It’s more like the nightclub of your dreams. It’s very intimate. … It’s got to be a lot closer. It’s been a little...
Posted On 14 Feb 2009

Baz and Hugh?

Thanks to reader Peter for the heads up — looks like a collaboration is in the works. No word yet on whether it’s really going down: It looks like the Academy Awards will provide a reunion for Tony-winning actor Hugh Jackman (The Boy From Oz) and Oscar-nominated...
Posted On 26 Jan 2009
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It’s about the movies, stupid.

Let the backbiting Jackman backlash begin! Mary McNamara, LA Times TV critic, can’t decide if Hugh Jackman is a hottie or a nottie: Yes, Jackman was just named People‚Äôs Sexiest Man Alive, and yes, he is Wolverine of ‚ÄúX-Men‚Äù but do we want Wolverine hosting the Oscars?...
Posted On 16 Dec 2008

Hugh Jackman IS the Sexiest Man Alive

According to People Magazine, anyway. Their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue has done Australia and Oprah fans everywhere a huge favor. ONTD has listed the other choices for Sexiest (we’re a silly species when you think about it): Daniel Craig Jon Hamm Zac Efron

Oprah Goes All Out for Australia

Thanks to reader Josh for tipping us off that Oprah went nuts for Australia on Monday’s show. Here is what she said: “I have not been this excited for a movie since I don’t know when. I’m telling you, have I got the movie for you.¬† It’s the best...