Jacki Weaver

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While the men characters are doing things like cutting off their arms to survive, creating a social networking revolution, learning to give speeches and becoming king of England while doing so, winning boxing matches, robbing banks and getting the girl ...

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Winner of the LAFC’s Best Supporting Actress award yesterday and a new BFCA nominee overnight, here’s Jacki Weaver in one the highlights from this year’s Australian Film Awards. (thanks Mark)
animal kingdom

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Animal Kingdom has been nominated for 18 Australian Film Institute Awards, including no less than 8 nominations in the acting categories alone — virtually the entire cast has been nominated. Animal Kingdom — 18 nominations Beneath Hill 60 — 12 ...

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There was a subtle but pronounced shift in the rules that govern the Best Supporting Actress race last year. Mo’Nique won playing a loathsome creature. She had the one strong scene where audiences sympathized with her but, let’s face it, ...

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