Kelly Reichardt


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by Jordan Ruimy Here are a few films that I think are worth paying attention to. Take for example Kelly Reichardt, whose “Night Moves” premiered earlier last year at the Toronto Film Fest. Reichardt is a filmmaker who doesn’t adhere ...

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The trailer for Meek’s Cutoff dropped 2 days ago, but I held off posting because the quality was poor. This looks to be a film that deserves to be introduced with a premium presentation. Notably the first feature film shot ...

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[youtube][/youtube] The House Next Door: Reichardt’s artistry outweighs (or at least sufficiently counterbalances) her ambition to Say Something About Amerika. Reichardt’s style clears the mind: dialogue is minimal‚Äînot artificially, just leaving Williams on her own‚Äîframings elegant and magisterial. I didn’t ...

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