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Because movies are mostly disappointing these days you sometimes forget why there are film critics at all, until a movie like Lincoln comes along. It takes awareness of both history and film history to appreciate Lincoln. It takes an attention ...

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(Thanks, mecid!) Two more after the cut.

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This played during election night here in the US

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The highlight of Louis CK’s appearance this weekend on SNL.

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(thanks, mecid!)

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EW’s Owen Gleiberman says Speilberg’s Lincoln, scripted by Tony Kushner, “is one of the most authentic biographical dramas I’ve ever seen.” As the title character of Steven Spielberg’s solemnly transfixing Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis is tall and elegantly stooped, with thatchy ...

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Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir feeds our twin cravings for movie insight and political prognosis, and skirts the review embargo on Spielberg’s Lincoln by talking about the man in terms of the film. Abraham Lincoln remains until further notice the standard by ...

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“All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible.” — William Faulkner We’re always in a rush to judgment about movies: hit/flop, success/failure, best ...

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The early talk after a test screening in New York that Lincoln would not be full of sweeping battle scenes depicting the Civil War worried some. They did the math in their head: Spielberg + Lincoln + Civil War = ...

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With two weeks before the US Presidential election, nerves are frayed. The horses are kicking in their stalls. Cumulonimbus clouds on the horizon and a country sharply divided. Oscar season had no choice but to start early this year. With ...

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Don’t miss tonight’s 60 Minutes: Steven Spielberg took more than 10 years to research his film about Abraham Lincoln. He wanted to get it just right because he’s always wanted to tell the story of America’s 16th president. It’s a ...

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There was something very telling watching Steven Spielberg at the AFI Fest last year introducing TinTin. He did two things. He downplayed our expectations of the movie we were about to see and he breathlessly announced he was still in ...

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Over at Gold Derby, Tom O’Neil has seen Lincoln and says the Oscar for Best Actor is over: Move over, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Walter Brennan and Ingrid Bergman. Daniel Day-Lewis is about to join you in the pantheon of ...

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How you view the reactions to the NYFF is probably one of those “glass if half full” type of moments. My stream on Twitter, for instance, was full of really great reactions.  But others have informed me that it could ...

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The Lincoln page on Facebook just posted this beautiful still. In a few days we will know what people think of Lincoln because it’s just been outed as the secret screening at the New York Film Fest.  Keep in mind, ...

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This played during the first presidential debate.

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(voiced by Jeff Daniels) What a wonderful idea for Spielberg to give the dedication at Gettysburg this November 19. Gettysburg was last seen making an appearance in Showtime’s Homeland, as the character Brody vibed liberty and bravery at the hallowed ...

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