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Who’s smiling a wicked smile now? Just 3 months ago, financial experts were predicting doom and gloom for Disney’s Maleficent. On April 1, Wall Street analyst Marci Ryvicker wrote that Maleficent “is maybe too dark and scary to be profitable… ...

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Make no mistake, Maleficent is a revisionist, feminist retelling of a familiar princess story, one of THE princess stories. When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney movie was Sleeping Beauty. When I look back on this now, the ...

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Full disclosure: I have not yet seen Maleficent. But I plan to. And not a single negative review of the film is going to change my mind. Why? Because these reviews seem to miss the overall point. I only need ...

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Jennifer Lawrence is a tried and true box office star. She draws both men and women, has won an Oscar and seems to have everything a star needs now, male or female, to bring in ticket buyers. The last one ...
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Trailer #3
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.41.59 PM

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It certainly helps if the face on that poster is Angelina Jolie.

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