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Oscar Podcast Preview: Marty Finally Wins Big

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2006 stands apart as one of my favorite Oscar years because it was like this past year in a way. It’s rare that the film I personally WANT to win actually wins. It was made all the sweeter by my own instincts about it winning being right on the money, as opposed to what many of my colleagues thought – that it was too dark to win, that a movie…


The Case for Martin Scorsese

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It’s difficult for many of us to be unbiased when it comes to Martin Scorsese. Very likely he could direct a remake of When Harry Met Sally and I’d think it was the greatest thing since Taxi Driver. But even given all of that bias, and all the ways I love The Wolf of Wall Street (my favorite film of the year) it’s still hard to put into words why…


The Women of Martin Scorsese films

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I just have one edit on this compilation by Nelson Carvahal, which I love, is that it not open with Sharon Stone, and that during the Jessica Lange clip he linger a bit longer on her monologue to hear her say “not with her.” That’s the key to that scene – she’s trying so hard to be brave but when she refers to her daughter, protecting her daughter from the…


Fever Dream: the Collaboration of DiCaprio and Scorsese

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The Oscar race might be straining the Santa Barbara film festival past its breaking point. Wednesday night, the appearance of Oprah Winfrey nearly broke the festival and last night’s appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Martin Scorsese caused such a frenzy you’d think it was 1964. Strange things start to happen when big time celebrities mingle among us. One woman heckled Oprah that she’d stolen all of her “work.”…


Martin Scorsese’s New York

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A video montage by House of Nod:


Best Director: Lost and Found in America

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Variations on a theme running through this year’s strongest five films in the Best Director category — Gravity, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Nebraska and The Wolf of Wall Street — all spring from the notion that the main character, or characters, are lost. Literally, accidentally, deliberately. They struggle to find a way home, each hoping to be found again.


Martin Scorsese, Adam Somner being Interviewed by Paul Thomas Anderson

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The other night I had the pleasure of seeing Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, The Wolf of Wall Street, for the sixth time.  Afterwards, Paul Thomas Anderson, assistant director Adam Somner, and Martin Scorsese sat a few feet away from me for a chat. I got as much video as I could. The first one has a freeze frame as it was blurry. But the video kicks in around the 4 minute…


DGA Nominees!

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Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave Paul Greengrass, Captain Phillips David O. Russell, American Hustle Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street


Scorsese on Wolf and What it Says about America

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Scorsese talks to Anne Thompson: Money shot: “What we know is that deep inside of every one of us, we have weakness, we are human beings and in the right wrong circumstances we are capable of anything and that’s what the movie is about.” More Scorsese, who really does have to explain himself, apparently, because so many seemed to have either missed the point or misjudged his intentions completely: We…


Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Receive Cinema Vanguard Award from SBIFF

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Marty and Leo will be honored this year at the Santa Barbara Film Fest for their extraordinary collaborations which include Gangs of New York, The Aviator, Shutter Island, The Departed and the Wolf of Wall Street. All but one of those films were nominated for Best Picture. The award will be handed out on February 6. Click jump for press release.