2013 trailer mash-up

Many ways to do a year-end wrap=up mash-up and this is one of the wickedest. (The Sleepy Skunk and DJ Earworm put this mix together. Thanks to glimmer for bringing it to us.)
Posted On 07 Dec 2013

Montage: The Movies of 2012

This week we’ll be running a few of the best of the year-end movie mashups. I have couple more lined up that readers have recommended. If you’ve seen one (or made one) that’s especially affecting, email me with the link and we’ll see about featuring it....
Posted On 23 Dec 2012

Vertigoed – How That One Piece of Music Can Change Everything

There is much broohaha about that snippet of music used at the end of The Artist to great effect. So much so, though, that you have to wonder about the music in The Artist – does it fill in emotion? What would happen if you scored that scene with a different piece of less...
Posted On 20 Jan 2012