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UPDATED: Much better quality clip Just for fun, here’s Mike Leigh in 2010, with a few choice words to say about the BAFTAs and the Oscars

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While it’s true that Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is also an early contender for film awards, Mike Leigh’s lavish epic about Britain’s greatest painter is very likely a film to keep an eye on for end of the ...

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“Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.” ― Claude Monet With Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner, a perfect union of film biographer and subject has landed at Cannes. In his film about J.M.W. Turner, an English Romantic painter of landscapes ...
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Screening in Cannes a few hours from now:
another year 33

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New York Film Festival impressions by Brian Whisenant Attending fim festivals, at dinner parties, in bars, or wherever I might be hanging out with fellow cinephiles, the question “What is your favorite movie” inevitably enters the conversation. I always begin ...

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The Guardian posted a world exclusive for the trailer for Another Year. You can watch the high quality version over there. Here is a somewhat lower quality version that just hit YouTube: Another Year was easily the best and most ...

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Le Film Francais’ chart of French critics’ favorites at Cannes shows¬†them mostly blown away by¬†Mike Leigh’s Another Year. They also¬†dance¬†a turn or two with¬†Amalric’s¬†Tourn√©e (quelle surprise!), but are¬†setting no stock by¬†Wall Street 2.¬†Sasha must be right when she says that ...

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On one of our many walks about town, where people know and approach Jeff Wells of Hollywood-Elsewhere, we bumped into the one and only Owen Gleiberman of EW. He kind of talked a bit about Mike Leigh and why he ...

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Two films screened this morning on Cannes. One is absolutely great, and the other is okay, but not anything truly exceptional. Mike Leigh’s wonderful Another Year is the strongest film I’ve seen here, but given the amount of films that ...

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Sasha will have her review for us shortly, but in the meantime here are 3 clips from Another Year, Mike Leigh’s Cannes entry following a London couple and their friends through 4 seasonal checkpoints in a single year. Two more ...

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Happy-Go-Lucky’s Holly Golightly, Sally Hawkins gets a glowing profile in W this month: As Poppy, an irrepressibly bubbly and optimistic London schoolteacher, Hawkins turns what could have been the most annoying character in the history of cinema into a highly ...

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