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4 years ago

NYFF: Another Year

New York Film Festival impressions by Brian Whisenant Attending fim festivals, at dinner parties, in bars, or wherever I might be hanging out with fellow cinephiles, the question “What... (Read More)

another year
4 years ago

Toronto Festival Diary: Day 6

The first film of the day was Darren Aronofsky‚Äôs Black Swan. I attended a screening at the beautiful historic Elgin Theatre, which is the best theatre of the festival... (Read More)

4 years ago

Another Year Trailer

The Guardian posted a world exclusive for the trailer for Another Year. You can watch the high quality version over there. Here is a somewhat lower quality version that... (Read More)

4 years ago

French Critics Sign On for ‘Another Year’

Le Film Francais’ chart of French critics’ favorites at Cannes shows¬†them mostly blown away by¬†Mike Leigh’s Another Year. They also¬†dance¬†a turn or two with¬†Amalric’s¬†Tourn√©e (quelle surprise!), but are¬†setting no... (Read More)